The Stomach Gas Problem can be controlled by this basic simple yoga Poses.

When your tummy gets filled with Gas, it makes you feel so very uncomfortable. The yoga positions to help you release the gas in your tummy is easy to follow. Though, there are various methods and foods to find that source of relief, nothing can beat yoga poses. These 5 yoga poses to help release gas and good for gastric is good and should be tried everyday so that no gas forms in your system.

The intestinal gas results from eating certain foods, food intolerances, smoking, eating very quickly and thus gulping too much air, constipation problem etc. You can reduce your gas pain by healing with dietary steps, changes in life style, medications or right home remedies. Take a look at these simple and superb yoga poses for gastric problems:

Why Yoga for Gas Relief?

Yoga Poses To Control Gas

Yoga Poses To Control Gas

Those familiar with the benefits of yoga know it helps each of us become more aware of our bodies including body warnings and how to listen to our bodies. The practice of yoga for strength training and exercise is just one benefit of this movement exercise program that delivers nimble goodness.

Other health benefits are vast. Gas pain for some can be excruciating. Yoga helps to stimulate peristalsis. Peristalsis is the body’s natural process of helping to expel food and food waste when muscles in your intestinal tract contract and relax, pushing the food through. Yoga helps gas sufferers who have noticeable peristalsis problems flow more smoothly ridding the body of gas pains.

Great Yoga Poses To Control Gas:

Shoulder Stand Poses

The yoga is quite easy to practice and it is effective for the pain to descend down. You need a thin mat on which you will lie down straight and position a folded thin blanket on your mat for the protection of your neck. With the hands straight on the floor, you need to lift your hips upwards gently and your bended legs touching your forehead.

Abdominal Engaging Poses

Strong abdominal muscles can help to expel gas and waste from your digestive tract. Yoga poses that require a hollowing of the stomach help to strengthen and deeply engage the transversus abdominis, which compresses the internal organs, can help to push gas out and relieve bloating. Downward Facing Dog, Dolphin pose and Plank pose entail balancing on your hands and feet while you pull your stomach in toward your lower back; the abdominal hold can help with gas relief. Poses that are still effective yet require less effort are Cat/Cow, which is performed on your hands and knees, and Bridge pose, which is executed in a supine position.

Forward Bend Poses

A forward bend entails hinging at the hips and bringing your torso toward the top of your thighs. The position compresses the abdomen and massages the intestines, which can help to relieve painful gas and bloating. Standing poses may include Standing Forward Bend, Standing Splits or Big Toe pose. Examples of seated forward bend postures are Head to Knee pose, Extended Puppy pose or Seated Forward Fold. Most forward bends have you reach for your feet, which allows for a deeper bend in the hips and a greater compression of your stomach. Assist the movement with a yoga strap if you are unable to reach your toes; wrap the strap around the balls of your feet and hold an end in each hand. Gently pull your upper body toward the thighs to increase the bend for a great digestive system benefit.

Wind Relieving Poses

Wind Relieving Poses

Wind Relieving Poses

Wind Relieving pose does exactly as its name suggests; excess gas is assisted out of your large intestine by placing pressure on your abdomen. To perform the pose, lie on your back and bring both knees in to your chest; wrap your arms around your knees and hold onto opposite forearms or elbows. Press the shoulders and lower back into the floor. Breathe deeply and hold for four to eight full breaths.

Corpse Poses

The Corpse Pose is a simple but effective pose used to relieve constipation. It relaxes every part of the body after a rigorous yoga session. After performing the above postures to stimulate the digestive system, it is important to perform this pose to relax the digestive organs.