Yoga is a fantastic way to center your body, stretch out your muscles and wake yourself up on a morning.

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that has got global recognition. More and more people are adopting this form of exercise regime to stay healthy and fit. It is one form of exercise that can be done by people of all age groups. Its exercise positions are called ‘Asanas’. Not only the common people but many movie stars and celebrities are reaping the benefits of yoga.

By practising yoga not only the body stays fit but the mind too. It helps cure many diseases apart from weight reduction that other exercise forms cannot cure. People who have perfect body shape too are indulged in yoga as it is for overall fitness and health of the body.

Top 6 Yoga Poses You Can Do Every Morning:

Yoga Poses For A Healthy BodyYoga Poses For A Healthy Body

Yoga Poses For A Healthy Body

The Warrior One pose

The individual must start the pose by standing straight on the mat with arms stretched upwards. Next, one of the legs must be stretched back so that the distance between both feet is almost the length of a leg. The individual must then bend one knee while keeping the other leg stretched straight. This pose is Ideal for involving all muscles of the lower body and back, the Warrior One pose historically signifies power and strength.

Forward Bend Pose

The first one is the ‘Paschimottanasana’. All you have to do is sit down on the floor. Keep your back absolutely straight. Stretch your legs out. Stretch out your hand and then slowly bring them down to touch your ankles. Remember you must not bend your knees while doing this. Repeat the same four to five times. After you are done with it, breathe in deeply and then relax.

The Tree Pose

Tree pose is performed by standing straight and then raising the left foot off the ground, and placing the sole on the upper and inner portion of the right thigh. The palms and fingers must then be pressed together in front of the chest. The tree pose is one of the most calming ways to achieve peace. This pose is all about achieving astounding balance and straight posture. It helps in strengthening the tendons and ligaments of the legs, and establishes overall pelvic stability. It also strengthens all bones of the lower body.

Locust Pose

This is another great pose for strengthening the back. Open your chest lifting your arms and legs off the mat while keeping the pelvis on the mat. If necessary, you can lift just your chest and aim your arms towards your feet. A more advanced yoga pose would be to go into bow pose, but proceed with caution until you’re ready.

Yoga Bow Pose

Yoga Bow Pose

Triangle Pose

From a standing position, widen your leg stance to about a leg-length. Turn the right foot out to the side, ensuring the heel is aligning with the center arch of the left foot. Take the arms parallel to the ground and reach out to the right side, keeping both legs straight with the thighs engaged. When you can’t reach any further, pivot the arms so they are in one line, moving in opposite directions. The chest remains open and the torso lengthens. If it’s comfortable and you have the balance, gaze toward your top thumb.

The Bow Pose

Lie on your belly with your arms by your side. Take a deep breath. Now bend your knees and reach out with both hands to grab hold of both your ankles. Try and keep your toes close together, flexing your feet. Lift your feet upwards as high as you can to stretch your spine. Make sure that you balance your weight on your naval and not your pubic bone. Hold for 3 counts, breathing deeply. Slowly release and let your arms and legs come back to the original starting position as slow as possible.