Flexibility is required for supple movements of the body. While some people are naturally flexible, others can always improve their flexibility with certain exercises.

Yoga is a wonderful tool to increase joint flexibility. Factors like sedentary lifestyles, our jobs and even our age can have strong effects on our flexibility and without it, poor postural habits and incorrect movements start to appear in our daily tasks (like going from sitting to standing and lifting). These habits, because of perceived, real or anticipated aches and stiffness can lead to joint immobility.

A Regular Yoga practice can have wonderful restorative effects on your joints, muscles, organs and mind. Below are best poses that particularly increase your flexibility and strength.

Complete Yoga Workout For Flexibility:

Yoga Workouts for Flexibility

Yoga Workouts for Flexibility

Even your waist, neck and hips are not left out from the yoga workouts for flexibility. Every single muscle in your body can be worked on by trying these yoga workouts. This article has put together a set of workouts that should be part of your yoga workout to increase flexibility. Try these yoga poses to have a fitter and a more flippant body.

Standing Forward Bend

Uttansana or the standing forward bend is very useful for making your entire body flexible. This yoga asana works on your back and abdominal muscles.

Downward Facing Dog

For this workout you have to push your legs back and bend forward making a hill-like shape with your torso. This flexibility exercise stretches your calves, hamstring and neck muscles. It also strengthens your arms.

Wide Angle Seated Forward Bend

Spread your legs as far as you can comfortably, keeping your chest open and your back straight, hinge from the hips and lean forward. Don’t forget to put a support under your sitting bones, if necessary. Always stay within your boundaries, even if this means sitting up straight you will still get great benefit out of this pose. If you experience pain or discomfort behind your knees, place a roll or low pillow under the knees to reduce the strain in your joints.

Intense Side Stretch

Let’s work on your spine next! Stand straight with your legs apart. Close your arms behind your back. Slowly lean forward to touch your left knee with your head. Return to an upright position. Do the same with the other side.

Alternatively you can try to place your hands at the back of your head and try to touch your left knee with your left elbow and vice verca. If this is too hard for you, you can simply hold your arms out straight and touch aim for your left and right foot.

Slow Neck Stretches

When you are just starting yoga, it is best to begin with the most basic exercises such as slow neck stretches. These exercises are aimed at easing the neck strain and tension and you should do a few repetitions. The best part about these neck stretches is that you can do them pretty much anywhere, whether you are sitting or standing.

Triangle Pose

Not only do your body functions see an improvement, but the trikonasana pose also strengthens your muscles. This is considered an excellent yoga pose for all pregnant women because it is effective in reducing stress and anxiety, bringing down blood pressure and also improves the flow of blood throughout the body.

Slow Neck Stretches

Slow Neck Stretches

Headstand Pose

Regular practice of this specific yoga pose is known to cure insomnia, improve mental balance and concentration powers and also eliminate spine problems. It enhances your memory and brain function by boosting blood circulation to the brain. This yoga pose should be regularly practiced by those who are suffering from headaches, poor blood circulation and liver disease.

Bow Pose

Another name for this pose is Dhanurasana and it is a very important component of weight loss programs. With this particular pose, you can easily reduce belly fat. The bow pose is also known for strengthening the thighs, spinal cord, groins, ankles, abdominal organs and the chest.

It is also quite helpful in boosting function of various organs like the kidneys, small and big intestine, liver and pancreas. You can remove gases and improve digestion with this pose and also give your back some flexibility.