There are so many poses in yoga that help with depression and mood. Yoga pose is about dropping out of your head and into your body by way of pairing movement with breath.

Yoga Poses

Yoga Poses

You may not think that yoga is the move to make for energy boosting, you’d be surprised. Yoga is definitely an ancient practice that benefits both body and mind. Yoga supplies a great outlet for toning and energizing also it can also boost your mood because it also relieves tension, increases your flexibility. If you perform yoga regularly, three to four times per week, you will discover that your moods will lift and remain lifted longer and longer.

These poses require balance, strength, stability and some flexibility. Asking this of your body takes a substantial amount of concentration and helps quiet the mind. You also will feel more self assured and stable. Practicing presence, which happens naturally whenever you perform mindful exercise like yoga, has profound effects on your mood.

Downward Dog

Do a classic downward dog or a half-handstand. Place your hands on the floor about shoulder-width apart, your feet toward a wall. Walk your right advantage the wall, followed by the left. Keep your back aligned, legs parallel towards the floor, so your body looks like an inverted L.

Boat Pose

This pose builds core strength and helps to create heat in the body. Start seated legs together, knees bent, feet planted on the floor. Holding the back of your thighs, rock your weight back therefore it rests between the sitting bones. Lift your feet, knees still bent, keeping your lower back drawn inward. Inhale and extend your legs. Release of the back of your legs, and extend your arms out parallel towards the floor.

Bridge Pose

This pose opens the chest. Lie on your back with feet planted near to your buttocks, palms on the floor. Breathe in, and, while you exhale, press into your feet to lift your tailbone. Clasp your hands together underneath you and also walk your shoulder blades closer together so your weight rests on your posterior shoulders and feet. Lift your hips upward.


Handstands, either preformed with your legs upright or in an L shape from the wall is a beautiful mixture of balancing and inversion. Inversions help to throw a brand new light on old patterns or issues by literally turning it inverted. This yoga pose is great for reducing anxiety and stress and increasing self confidence.

Triangle Pose

Stand with your feet about four feet apart, with your right foot pointing to the right and left toes turned slightly inwards. Bend right as you exhale and place your right-hand on your shin, left arm reaching towards the sky. Feel your legs, hips and spine stretching and opening.

Standing Back Bend

Moving slowly, firm your glutes and put your hands or fists on the bony points along your spine. Push your hips forward and lift your chest towards the sky. Lift out of your lower back, drawing your elbows back to grow your chest. Look toward the sky without dropping your head back.

Child’s Pose

We already get a mood boost just from saying the pose, however this one lengthens the spine, stretches the tops of your feet, and relaxes your body. Starting on your hands and knees, arms underneath your shoulders, pull your hips back so your buttocks rest on your feet and your torso on your thighs. Keep your forehead on the mat and let gravity assist you to sink into the pose. Shift your arms left and right for a deeper oblique stretch. Hold for 30 seconds to a minute.

Forward Bend

This pose stretches the back and hamstrings. Standing tall with your feet hip-width apart, inhale and sweep your arms overhead. While you exhale, lift your tailbone and begin to bend forward from your hips, sweeping your arms as you go down. Keep your spine long and straight while you move, bending at the knees if necessary. To return to standing, curl up slowly, one vertebra at any given time.

Yoga Poses to Boost Your Mood

Yoga Poses to Boost Your Mood

Warrior II

This pose increases leg, back, and arm strength. Standing towards the top of your mat, step your right foot back about 4 feet and switch it 90 degrees right. Turn your left foot slightly in. Adjust your torso in order that it faces to your right, inhale, and lift your arms out, shoulder blades wide, palms down. Exhale, bending your left knee until your thigh is parallel towards the mat. Switch sides.