Yoga is a popular exercise program that can help you with your lower back pain.

Yoga relieves stress, increases flexibility and improves overall fitness. Additionally, it can help you manage fibromyalgia and chronic back pain. A number of yoga’s pain relieving benefits come from the physical facets of the postures plus some come from the relaxing properties from the concentrated breathing. Concentrate on your breathing when you perform the poses. Inhale deeply and exhale completely. Try a few of these poses today to relieve your particular pain

Lower Back pain, one of the common problems of current day, is caused because of stress and tension in the muscles that offer the spine. Sedentary lifestyle, stress, overuse or under utilisation of the back, postural mistakes are unconscious triggers towards the widespread problem of back pain. Regular yoga is really a redeeming feature that brings relief to lower back pain.

Yoga Poses For Lower Back Pain

Yoga Poses For Lower Back Pain

Yoga postures may reduce low back pain and improve your range of motion, and help to improve your flexibility.back pain can often be contributed to the right approach to yoga. Yoga is really a mind body exercise system according to poses and the achievement of  reassurance.

Yoga postures

Very few individuals are immune to lower back pain, whether you are an expert working a desk-bound job or perhaps a student spending hours sitting crouched while watching computer. Women also experience back pain while pregnant and even when they are on their own period. If you are interested in doing yoga exercises and want to concentrate on helping you cope with chronic or acute back pain, here are a few basic poses you should look at doing regularly.

Child Pose

Child pose is just one of only a few completely stationary poses in yoga. It takes no movement, or balance, and may be used as a soothing relaxant for achy back muscles. Balasana is really a great pose for cooling down after your yoga routine, or like a warm-up to focus your mind.

The Triangle Pose

This classic yoga pose focuses on the hips and spine and may help even the chronic back pain sufferer. In addition to helping reduce lower back pain the triangle pose will even help tone your abdominal organs, spinal nerves as well as your leg muscles.

Reclining Big Toe Pose

The reclining big toe pose alleviates back pain while providing a great stretch towards the hips and the back from the legs. This asana also diminishes menstrual pain and sciatica. If you’re feeling stiff, try performing this asana using the heel of the leg on the floor against a wall. For that maximum benefits and for balance, make sure to stretch both the right and left leg.

The Down Dog Pose

This pose is great because it will stretch and release any tension you will probably have in your spine. It will strengthen your arms, back and shoulders, it may also help to alleviate headaches.

Plow Pose

The plow pose can help to eliminate back pain. In addition, it can reduce headaches and assist with infertility, insomnia and inflamed nasal sinuses. Ladies who are pregnant shouldn’t practice the plow pose if it’s new to them, but when they were already performing this asana before pregnancy they are able to continue to do so.

Cobra Pose For Lower Back Pain

Cobra Pose For Lower Back Pain

Cobra Pose

The Cobra Pose is known as as such because the end position resembles the look of this snake. To complete the Cobra Pose, lie face-down on your yoga mat together with your hands on your sides, facing the ground. Using your arms for weight support, slowly raise your chest and torso started, and direct your gaze for the ceiling. Try to relax shoulders if you experience tension inside your muscles. This yoga exercise not just relieves lower back pain, but also works the muscles in your arms, shoulders, and back. The Cobra Pose is usually performed alongside the Child’s Pose and also the Cat-Cow Pose.