For lower back relief please do the following poses daily or at least after your workout. Breathe deeply in and out of the nose while doing these poses.

Tight hips can be debilitating. When things aren’t working all the way down there, even sitting or walking may cause pain. Luckily, a proper stretching can defend against this pain, increase the fluidity of mobility, and reduce chances of serious injury within the lower region of your body. It may also take pressure off the lower back, decreasing chances of pain in that area.

Back pain is a problem which affects lots of people, and there are many causes of it which range from bad posture, to weak abdominal and back muscles. The yoga postures in this article will help to stretch the tight muscles and strengthen weak muscles which could create back pain.

Yoga Stretches to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Yoga Stretches to Relieve Lower Back Pain

These 6 simple poses might help both stretch and strengthen your hips, but bear in mind when moving through these to listen to that internal voice of the body that tells you if you are in pain or just feeling a stretch. A stretch may go through a little sore but inevitably it feels like a release of tension. Whenever you feel sharp pain, back out of the pose and consider using a prop or moving on to another stretch.

Cow Face Pose

Start by threading the left leg beneath your right leg. Work toward stacking the knees, while keeping both sit bones on the ground. Tuck the toes in to protect the knees. Sit within the pose for several minutes. When the muscles begin to loosen and you no longer feel a stretch, fold forward having a straight spine. If this stretch is simply too intense, you can situate both sit bones on the blanket and place a block or blanket between your knees.

Lizard-Lower Lunge

Apparently, lizards have loose hips which hip opener’s moniker is proof of that. Step your left foot forward several feet while watching right foot. Bend the left knee until it lines up perfectly using the ankle. Drop the right knee down and keep the toes curled under with that foot to stretch the calf muscle. Walk the left foot out to the side and place both elbows along with blocks on the inside edge of the left foot. Keep hips lined up parallel to each other. You are opening the best psoas muscle and the left inner thigh. To get deeper into the right psoas, lift the best knee into a high lunge.

Bound Ankle Pose

This pose mandates that you bind your ankles-and by doing so you’ll unbind your hips. Bring the soles of the feet together, pulling the heels near to your groin, bending the knees, and butterfly flare the legs open. If you see your knees are set too high to unwind, simply place a blanket right underneath the sit bones to prop the hips up. You may also take the feet out farther from the pelvic cavity to create a diamond shape using the legs. Keeping your spine straight, lead using the chest, pull your shoulders back, and fold toward the feet. This pose will open and relax the interior thighs and groin.

Pigeon Pose

Starting in downward facing dog, lift the best leg and step it forward between your hands. Drop the left knee down and untuck the toes. Slide the best foot over toward your left pelvic bone placing the outside edge of the right leg on the ground. Tuck the right toes in (flexing the foot). Fall into line hips parallel to each other, continually pressing the left hip toward the ground. If this position is too difficult, convey a blanket under your bottom. To intensify the stretch, move the right foot from the left side of your body and drop to the elbows or chest. To create this pose less intense, slowly move the right foot closer to your right leg and remain on the hands instead of folding. This can be a profound stretch to the psoas, shin, glutes, and outer hips.

Fire Log Pose

Fire Log Pose

Fire Log Pose

This pose should place the fire out in your hips. Sit on the floor with a straight spine, both sit bones pressing from the ground. Take the left leg in front of you and bend it until it’s in a straight line and parallel together with your body, knee, and ankle. Stack the best leg on top of the left, lining up the right ankle to the left knee and also the right knee to the left ankle. If you discover the final position too difficult, you should use blocks as support to lighten the pose. This can be a deep stretch to loosen the outer hips and glutes. Additionally, it stretches and strengthens the groin, calves, thighs, and abdominal muscles.

Garland Pose

This pose is really effective for opening the hips that it’s the positioning most women use to give birth. Turn your heels so that they line up with your hips, turn your toes outward. Bend the knees until you reach a squatted position. Convey a blanket under the heels should they have to be lifted while squatting. You may also stack two blocks to sit on to work up to the full integrity from the pose. The Garland Pose increases fluidity within the hips, and stretches the ankles, knees, minimizing back. It also strengthens the main muscles.